Document, forgery, reality

  • Book
  • 2014

Contemporary documentary theater focuses specifically on realities that are narrated and reflected upon in a variety of performative forms. Performers, \"everyday experts\", rarely actors, work with texts based on real, \"true\" and sometimes historical events. Or they make their biography the subject of discussion. The performers resemble witnesses who report on events in court. This creates a special relationship with the audience: the narrated reality becomes a question of trust. Is the witness credible? Where are the boundaries between truth, fake and deception?


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Published by
Theater der Zeit

Edited by
Tobias Brenk, Boris Nikitin, Carena Schlewitt

With contributions by
Dirk Baecker, Barbara Gronau, Gregor Gysi, Cuqui Jerez, Hans-Werner Kroesinger, Rabih Mroué, Rachid Ouramdane, Milo Rau, She She Pop, Fritz Simon, Stefanie Wenner