Woyzeck (radio play)

  • A radio play performance
  • Deutschlandradio Kultur
  • 2010


    • 21 October 2013
      • DeutschlandRadioKultur
    • 2 December 2012
      • City Hall, Cape Town (SA)
    • 18 July 2011
      • Deutschlandradio Kultur
    • 25 January 2011
      • Landestheater Marburg
    • 2 August 2010
      • Deutschlandradio Kultur, Freispiel
      • World Premiere

A pseudo radio play and fake radio programme at the same time. The ether as an identity factory. As in the play from 2007, Nikitin's radio play adaptation combines the question of accountability with that of the intellectual authorship of one's own work. Where do these radio voices come from and who do they belong to? "Woyzeck (Radio Play)" is a commentary on the debates surrounding artistic originality, the cult of genius, sampling and aesthetic authenticity. The character Woyzeck calls out desperately: "What's talking?", and the performer Malte Scholz gradually scratches open the layers of the drama.

The radio play is a production of Deutschlandradio Kultur. However, Nikitin and Scholz develop most of the material in the recording studio of the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen. This allows for more in-depth experimentation with the material and the genre.  Nikitin is particularly interested in the medium of radio as a transmitter and propaganda machine, and the associated opportunity to speak directly to the listeners.

The first broadcast of "Woyzeck (radio play)" was in 2010 and the work was repeatedly broadcast throughout Germany in the following years.

Conceived and directed by
Boris Nikitin
Speakers & texts
Malte Scholz, Annette Schäfer
Alexander Brennecke, Bernd Friebel

Produced by
Deutschlandradio Kultur