The audition

  • Theatre
  • Münchner Kammerspiele
  • 2015


    • 4 June 2016
      • Bayerische Theatertage, Regensburg
    • 14 + 15 March 2016
      • Kammerspiele München
    • 12 + 13 February 2016
      • Kaserne Basel
    • 11 January 2016
      • Kammerspiele München
    • 17 + 18 November 2015
      • Kammerspiele München
    • 4 + 5 November 2015
      • Kammerspiele München
    • 3 November 2015
      • Kammerspiele München
      • Premiere

During their three and a half years of training, actresses and actors of the Otto-Falckenberg-Schule learn to generate a wide range of emotions on stage, to be credible and to become a different person in the eyes of the spectators. They have turned into experts in the art of disguise, offering their bodies and identities through acting skills as artistic merchandise.

The work produced by the Swiss stage director Boris Nikitin spotlights the day of final auditions. This situation combines the artistic fiction of acting with its economic hard truths. Illusion and reality merge together.

The spectators of the play not only watch actresses and actors during their work. The focus is also directed at the professional observers, the counterparts of acting, the dramaturges, the artistic directors and agents – and their expert ways of perception and assessment.

Boris Nikitin
Katinka Deecke
Sound & Co-dramaturgy
Matthias Meppelink
Felicitas Sonvilla, Julia Swoboda
Assistant director
Katharina Mayrhofer
by and with
Philipp Basener, Jonathan Berlin, Daniel Gawlowski, Bastian Hagen, Colin Hausberg, Nurit Hirschfeld, Merlin Sandmeyer, Maike Schroeter, Irina Sulaver, Caroline Tyka
Judith Buss

Produced at and for: Münchner Kammerspiele.

Das Vorsprechen