25. Erste Staffel_Festerer

Season One. 20 Years Big Brother

  • Theatre
  • Staatstheater Nürnberg
  • 2020/2021


    • 24 October 2021
      • Staatstheater Nürnberg
    • 4 October 2021
      • Staatstheater Nürnberg
    • 20 + 21 November 2020
      • Staatstheater Nürnberg
    • 11 + 12 November 2020
      • Staatstheater Nürnberg
    • 5 November 2020
      • Staatstheater Nürnberg
    • 4 October 2020
      • Staatstheater Nürnberg
    • 27 September 2020
      • Staatstheater Nürnberg
    • 25 September 2020
      • Staatstheater Nürnberg
    • 19 September 2020
      • Staatstheater Nürnberg
      • World Premiere

It's just after the turn of the millennium. The millennium bug did not occur. Computers, the Internet, security cameras - it all continues. Chancellor Schröder and Vice-Chancellor Fischer enter their second year in office to change the face of social democracy. Britney Spears is still in the top charts, Mohammed Atta still an unknown mechanical engineering student in Hamburg. And in Germany, a handful of unknown people are moving into a container to be watched around the clock by an entire population in their everyday activities for twelve weeks: Brushing teeth, playing cards, small talk, sex. It is a seemingly harmless competition of the authentic. The makers borrowed the name of the project from George Orwell's novel "1984". It is clear: a new age is beginning.

The director and author Boris Nikitin has been dealing with the real and authentic for over ten years. In his new theatre project, Nikitin zooms back twenty years into the year 2000 and thus into that hour of birth in which reality became reality.

It is, without us knowing it at the time, the first heartbeat of the social media, which a few years later would revolutionize the idea of fame – be it in a banal or violent way. The main thing is that the camera is running.

Concept, text, director
Boris Nikitin
Julia Bartolome, Tjark Bernau, Yascha Finn Nolting, Sühelya Ünlü, Maximilian Pulst, Cem Lukas Yeginer
David Hohmann
Adolfina Fuck
Sascha Kölzow
Manuela Trier, Georg Lendorff
Light design
Frank Laubenheimer

A production of Staatstheater Nürnberg.