Jesus is love

Martin Luther Propaganda Piece

  • Theatre
  • independent production
  • 2016


    • 19 October 2019
      • Festival FETEAG Caruaru
    • 16 October 2019
      • Festival FETEAG Recife
    • 24 – 24 March 2018
      • Gessnerallee Zürich
    • 21 + 22 November 2017
      • NET Festival Moskau
    • 28 + 29 July 2017
      • St. Petersburg Summerfestival of the Arts "The Access Point"
    • 9 April 2017
      • It's The Real Thing
      • Basel Documentary Platform '17
    • 29 + 30 January 2017
      • Thalia Theater Hamburg
    • 24 + 25 June 2016
      • FFT Kammerspiele, Düsseldorf
      • Festival Impulse 2017
    • 11 + 12 March 2016
      • HAU Berlin
      • World Premiere

It’s about making decisions. Actually it’s always about making decisions. It’s not as if the matter didn’t lie in our own hands. Regardless of whether it’s believing, loving, making a table, killing someone – or dying.

‘Martin Luther Propagandastück’ is, in a blend of freely-revolving theological discourse and an atheist motivational sermon, an attempt to endorse a leap in the dark, the moment in which we can feel something like freedom. But what freedom do we have? How freely can we act, how can we influence reality independently? And when does individual radicalism turn into ideology, fundamentalism or terror?

Boris Nikitin’s pieces are frequently staged ready-mades simply within a gently skewed framework. ‘Martin Luther Propagandastück’, too, is just what its name promises and yet also a very delicate balancing act. A religious service which is theatre – and which in this way makes what we call reality recognizable as a composition: a composition which can actually be changed.

Idea, stage, text, director
Boris Nikitin
Performance, text
Malte Scholz
Unity Gospelchor Pankow
Production management
Annett Hardegen
Technical management
Benjamin Hauser

a production of HAU Hebbel am Ufer for the festival "Heiner Müller!"